[1050 USD / 300k Robux] Environmental & Level designer for horror environment needed


When applying for this job, it is required that you provide a portfolio upon contact. I will not respond to solicitations without proper proof of work, since it’s required to assess whether you’re fit for the job.

— Entry level requirements

• Experienced with creating realistic custom textures & mesh.
• Knowledgeable in level design
• At least 2 years of experience building in Roblox Studio
• Have plenty of free time at one’s disposal
• Good communication skills

— The Job:

‣ You will be working on a horror environment that is designed with stealth gameplay & plenty of enemy AI in mind and contains obstacle courses, puzzles & alternating paths.

‣ The environment consists of man-made (victorian-ish) structures which are warped to fit within a fantasy setting, it will likely consist of around 13 large rooms and matching subsets of roomtypes such as hallways.

‣ The environment itself is realistic, but has to be optimized so that it’s still playable for mobile users.

‣ The AI uses Roblox’ default pathfinding, so the structures must be designed with this taken into account. Wider paths, no thin walls.

‣ Environmental Storytelling & vertical design will play a crucial role

Additional details can be provided in direct messages.

— The Deadline:

You will be given 1 month to start and finish the environment. Time may be expanded for required polishing if need be.

— Payment:

300,000 Robux via groupfunds or 1050 USD via wiretransfer payment.

— Contact:

on discord and discord ONLY: Maxx_J#7549

Send your portfolio(s) as your first message(s), and state that you saw this job listing (because I have many, so I won’t get confused).

All applications will be attended to, but I will give each a few days for consideration before verifying who gets the job.


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