[10K - 20K] ENLITE Resort is looking for a Programmer for a Placement System


About The Group:

ENLITE Hotels & Resorts is a hotel based establishment on the ROBLOX platform. Our top priority is to create a unique, and realistic experience for all our Hotel Guests. Our group and the hotel are based on interaction, automation, and realism. These are three main characteristics you will find within the group and the games.

The Current Team:

@Zxacqz [Chairman & Owner]
@flvurry [Chairman & Programmer]
@ChildTraders [Head Developer & Programmer]
@Mr_ProsperRBX [Architect/Builder]
@sourcevalue [Contributor]
@QuataunNecklace [Contributor]

About The Job:

We are looking to commission a Programmer short term to design a Placement System similar to Welcome To Bloxburg. This placement system will be for our rooms which will receive two options Preset which will obviously be the one that our Builder has made as a template and can be used if you do not want to customize your room or Custom which you can customize your own room using in-game currency which is awarded by doing Quests, Working at the Hotel, Participating In Activities, or just being active in-game.

If you are also a Programmer who Designs UI’s and you would like to design the UI’s you will receive a bonus payment.


  • 2+ Years of experience within Programming in Lua.
  • A good reputation on DevForum (Not Required, but preferred)
  • Past experiences with Placing Systems.

Please note that we will test your knowledge within Lua. If you do not meet our requirements, we will disregard your application.


You will receive 10,000 to 20,000 Robux, however, this depends on your trust level, and the amount of work you get done. You will also receive credit in the game description.

Contact Us:

Please contact Zack;#1414 on DISCORD for more information. Response times can take up to 15 - 30 minutes depending on the time of day. If you wish to friend request me, please do leave your DISCORD below, if not you may join the ENLITE Discord Server to contact me.

Good luck! :smile:


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