[10K PER AD] [OPEN] Looking for drawn ad designers

About Us

Hey! We are the Nova Corporation, a Roblox roleplay group.

About The Job

We’re looking for someone capable of designing arts manually, using artistic tools such as Photoshop or Paint.net to draw characters, entities, etc.

These are examples of what we’re looking for:

We’d be looking for at least 2 ads per week (8 per month total, or more at your discretion). We fully understand if you’re unable to do 8 total ads, and we’re always open for negotiation.

We expect you to be active, and expect good communication skills. (voicing is not required)


We are willing to pay 10k per ad at the moment. Note that this value may rise depending on the group’s financial growth.

This means that, given 2 ads are made a week, you’d be looking towards 80k monthly.

Again, note that this value may increase if the group starts earning more. (possibly even 20k per ad – 160k monthly)

Contact Us

You may contact us through discord. metatableindex#9088

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Sent you a friend request! Wonderful chance for new illustrators/artists. (:


Sent you a friend request, I’m V.#8916


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