10K Robux - 3D Modeller (Price Negotiable)

Dracolyx here,

I’ve come to hire a 3D Modeler for specific LOW POLY meshes that include:

  • Textures
  • Nature, (Trees, Bushes, Clouds, Border Meshes)

There’s possibly more to add to this list so keep that in mind. But if there was more to add to the list, I’d definitely have you do the required list and pay you before adding more to it.

Here are the Requirements:

  • Experienced with meshes (You can’t be a first timer, you need to know how.)
  • Can make textures
  • Is mature
  • An honest, not lazy person. (If you can’t do it let me know, and don’t slack off)



I am interested in this position! Sent you a friend request! Bloxrrey#6063

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I am interested
Discord : Mr_Gamerious#4288

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I am interested, I will try to contact you in discord I am Prince Ricardo#0340

The offer has been changed up.

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