[10k Robux] Looking to hire an artist to design twitch emotes and profile icon

Hey, so lately I’ve been doing some development streams, and I was interested to getting some custom emotes made, and a new profile icon, which I’d like to be a drawn image of my Roblox avatar, along with some emotes, which should use the avatar in the profile icon.

I don’t need a ton of emotes, maybe around 8-10 including the profile icon. My budget for this would be 10k Robux after taxes, if you feel like 8-10 is too many for this price I’m willing to bring down the number of emotes to make. We can negotiate on this completely.

If interested, please have work examples of drawn characters available (preferably Roblox avatars and stuff) and also add me on Discord: Simply_Dev#9178

Thanks for reading!!


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