11/11 DevHub Scheduled Maintenance

Hey everyone,

The DevHub will be undergoing scheduled maintenance** this evening. We do not anticipate downtime, but if any issues are encountered traffic will be directed to our maintenance page.


Date Begin Time Expected Duration
November 11, 2019 9:00 PM PST 60 minutes

There are lots of bug fixes and improvements that we are shipping!

Biggest changes to be excited for:

  • Added code sample support for class pages
  • Search functionality improvements:
    • Reconfigured settings to put a higher priority on page popularity
    • Removed excess information from search descriptions (i.e. API tags and headers)
    • Changes to the locale meta tag for search bots from our search provider
  • Fixed translation issue with the theme toggle label for certain code samples
  • Fixed incorrect syntax highlighting global identifiers after member access operators (i.e. “CFrame”, “Vector3”, etc)
  • Internal improvements to card blocks so that they can contain richer content
  • Fixed issue where some content was being listed more than once in the Learn Roblox section’s landing pages
  • Fixed issue with the header search bar on android devices (ROBLOX Developer Portal - Mobile Search broken)
  • Fixed auto-linking functionality so that it should no longer be broken by AdBlock
  • Fixed an issue in the Learn Roblox section where content was being listed by its internal title

**Changes may take time to percolate as we do rolling cache invalidations to ease server load on generating new versions of each page. Improvements to site search functionality might take a few days to fully reflect as well as our search provider will need time to reindex site content accordingly.


The maintenance has been successfully completed.

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