(12K) Absolve Studios Hiring Trailer Animator

About Us
Hello! I am Dusk, owner of Absolve studios. We are a new group that is currently creating lemonade simulator!
The Team
@iiDark_Rawr - Owner
@zliesz - Co-Owner
@BananDev -Scripter
@Masked_Blaze -map creator
@tjtheking102 -Ui artist

You can see our progress so far here:

About The Job
Absolve studios is looking for an advanced, professional, and experienced Trailer animator to create us the face of our game! You will be creating a 15-25 second trailer which will need good attention to detail, and creative thinking.

We will have a trello which has a good amount of information regarding what we’d like to have in our trailer. You will get to put your own credits or socials in the ending of our trailer, and get a contribution rank in our group aswell!

We are paying 12,000R in order for this to be completed by May 10th. This will be recieve after we see a full watermarked preview of the trailer!
If you do not provide us with the quality we expect from you based off your examples, we are not paying you for wasting our time.

Contact Us
Contact us at Dusk#3953 to apply! Please have examples of ar least two similar animations.

Thanks for reading!


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