TREVR Innovations is a development firm dedicated to the ROBLOX platform that aims to revolutionize the platform with original and open-world oriented concepts that encapsulate ROBLOX players from all walks of life into one community. Our team takes a unique approach to development, specifically the style and type of monetization. For too long has the platform been plagued by low-effort spammed simulator games, tycoons, and cashgrabs of the sort; it is time for meaningful games that approach AAA games in community bond, game depth, and features. In addition, we are focused on socio-reform on the platform, and have the goal to take down monopolies so that essential services such as group recruiting, fun open-world socialization, and friend-making is available to all. Currently, TREVR Innovations is the development arm of the Philips Union, and is owned by the Philips Union. The Philips Union is owned respectfully by Ocularism, and is headed by a Union Board, consisting of the leaders of partners.


This is a long-term job you’d be holding within TREVR Innovations. We aim to work on three projects in total, the first being the one you will be hired for. The first project is going to be a Group Recruiting Social Club, a direct competitor to GRP. For the longest time, GRP has dominated ROBLOX when it’s come to recruiting, joining, business, and general community socialization. Many inside and outside of its community have seen its corruption, lack of transparency, biased and non-impartial staff, lack of features and customization, and overall, mediocre service. Me personally, I was motivated to start such a project because of my fubar ban and the moderation team’s lack of maturity and frankly hostility. In addition, the ban of an influencer friend of mine who was banned for standing up to a staff member insulting and berating him. What will make GRSC different from GRP? Our customization, heavy, yet very cheap, monetization, and long list of robust features. Blueprints have been made and completed and the scripting for the game has been 75% completed. For security and business purposes, we cannot show our blueprints, list of monetization, features, or specific features due to competition. The general gist of our giant hull of features can be summarized by modularity, non-elitist, free and open, heavily customizable, and appropriate for corporate , small, and large recruiting. No longer will recruiting on games on ROBLOX be seen as the “poor man’s” alternative to advertising, instead, it will be on par the ad program of ROBLOX.

BUILDER/ARCHITECT JOB: You will be creating the full and diverse map that is quite the contrary in design to GRP’s, creating the framework, and general models. We expect a clean, sharp, and modern-futuristic style of building that mimics Greek, Roman, and corporate style of architecture. We expect you to be available to work on our second project and to be available for architectural updates on our game.

MODELER/MESH CREATOR JOB: You will be creating our detailed and unique models and meshes for the game including booth specific addons, lounge materials, bar areas, chairs, tables, doors, offices, and specific character utilities. Expect to be doing all of the nitty-gritty filling in of the map with models. Just like the architect, we’d like you to be available to make updates consistent with the direction the game is going, and to be available to work on the second game.


General President (Finances, Public Relations, Project Design, and Management) -Ocularism
Attorney General (Marketing, Public Relations, Justice Enforcement, Market Analytics) - ChernobylGopnik
Lead Programmer - Matt_940
Programmer - JT_DOLAN
Programmer - hamzab
Animator - MonorchidAnimator
Lead Architect - UP FOR HIRE
Modeler - UP FOR HIRE


At TREVR Innovations, developer and team member compensation are very important to us, because of this, we value handsome compensation for services. Taking into consideration that we will be monetizing on our games heavily, having a dedicated marketing campaign, and will strive and will take action to reach the front page, we have to prioritize how and where we distribute revenue. The following are the fixed percentages each team member will receive from the group’s revenue monthly. Our system is quite different than that of other studios and private development firms, revenue is split in a ratio as such (advertisement and marketing, profit fund, pension fund).

Advertisement & Marketing : Portion of revenue that will go to weekly and monthly ads, as well as market research and analytics, sales programs, and other community-engagement efforts.

Profit Fund : The “profit fund” portion of revenue is the portion of revenue that goes to pay all team member monthly, including devs and corporate members. Team members do not receive a percentage of total revenue, rather from the profit fund. A model is followed where as total monthly revenue increases, the profit fund percentage from revenue increases. Example shown here :

Pension Fund : The pension fund is a set and unchanged percentage of monthly revenue that goes to ‘pension’, which can be used for giving loans to partners, funding projects, for emergency spending, and for team members to cash out every December 22nd. Each team member has a set and unchanged percentage they may take from the pension fund every December 22nd.

TEAM MEMBER PERCENTAGES You will be paid this percentage from this game’s revenue if you decide not to work on our other projects. So if you decide to only work on this game and do not work on our second and third projects, you will still receive your percentage of revenue from this game, just not from our other games.

General President : 14% of Profit Fund
Attorney General : 13% of Profit Fund
Lead Architect : 13% of Profit Fund
Modeler :13% of Profit Fund
Animator: 10% of Profit Fund
Scripter: 13% of Profit Fund
Scripter: 12% of Profit Fund
Scripter: 12% of Profit Fund

Example: As Lead Architect, let’s say in the month of September we accrue R$5,000,000 in revenue. According to our ratio, 30% of the 5M will go to the profit fund which you have 13% of. That’s 1.5M, and your 13% of 1.5M is R$195,000. Ratio of revenue spent on ads may change and we may change the distribution to favor more profit fund if we can accrue a solid base of 500 consistent players monthly.


  • You must be at least 16 years of age, no exceptions to the rule.
  • An open and collaboration focused mindset, we’re all in this together.
  • Timezones aren’t very important to us, but if you do have a timezone that isn’t similar to that of EST or GBT (some of our team members are from Great Britain), please notify us.
  • High level and understanding of interior architecture (for architect), and an ability to produce high quality building in a timely manner.
  • For modelers, a deep understanding of the intricacies of blender or another modeling program, and a high skill level to produce UGC and other types of models and meshes. You will need to be skilled in producing realistic and high quality firearms.
  • Put aside any projects you may be working on, we are only hiring serious and dedicated developers. You will not be accepted if you’re working on other projects and can’t prioritize.
  • A good standing in the community, good attitude, no association with GRP’s community or its staff. You will be immediately denied if it is found out you’re working on behalf of GRP.
  • A rigid portfolio with examples of the higher-end development you’ve done.
  • An ability to complete the map or all models needed by the 20th of August, this isn’t a huge map, but it will be significantly larger than GRP’s and will be completely different in design. It will not take very long.


In the past, we experimented with a custom email domain for sending in your portfolio and your application, this is no longer true. To apply and get in contact with us, please join this discord server : TREVR Innovations. Once you verify via altdentifier and BloxLink, feel free to message Ocularism or say hello in the general channel, and we can begin the interview.


Here at TREVR Innovations, we take logging, transparency, and finance seriously. At the end of each month, each team member will receive a copy of the group’s revenue, its balance sheet and income statement, and through this, you will see where every single cent in the group goes. In addition, you will be granted audit log permissions to correlate the numbers and accounts on our sheets we hand to you to ensure genuine numbers, however, our accounting personnel take pride in their work and will not make mistakes. In addition, we have a rigid marketing program and actively work to see what is popular with our demographics, the market, and how to bring in as many users as possible. Sales research and holiday-based research have also been invested in. What’s more? we have a few monetization plans and forms of financial logging that are updated weekly and monthly. In time, we will also register the group under an LLC (Limited Liability Company). We plan to launch two more games and have rigid plans for those once we complete GRSC. An additional note, in no way do any of our plans replicate or ‘copy’ GRP’s ideas. It’s been a long-standing monopoly, and we seek to enter the market to collapse it with our superior moderation, fair and impartial rules, free speech advocacy, wide and vast range of customization and modularity with booths, more ways to be sponsored, extra freedom for designing booths, custom sponsor booth-rooms for those entities who seek to purchase as such, and much much more! GRP has been a long-standing monster of a monopoly on ROBLOX, and its incompetent and biased staff and outdated features and innovation is not what the ROBLOX group market wants.


You should be clearer about this in the title. You’re actually giving less than 4% of profits, not 13%.


I noticed that too, I thought it’d be too long to put that in the title. But, this is how we do things. We have to spend a majority of revenue on ads so that we can actually accrue a very high amount of revenue, and in turn even if the amount paid when looking at total revenue as a whole is 4-6%, the amount is quite substantial when taking into account the revenues of 80-400 player games that are monetized, the target we are seeking to acquire. So yes, though all of us make about 12-13% of the profit fund, which the profit fund is usually 20-80% of total revenue at any given time depending on revenue, you can say that we will be only taking “4%” in revenue.


Hey, love your payment plan. A wonderful idea in regards to making exponential revenue splits and furthermore developing a model that I can somewhat believe will have long term viability.

That being said, “About the Job” section kind of disingenuously throws me off:

The motivation for the project seems more of a personal vendetta than a project gathered around starting an organization.

Claims such as these are very impartial and furthermore are unproven.

Your claim to improve the genre of recruiting on ROBLOX could be a great cause but misguided with what I believe is serious bias and a bad ideology. I highly recommend as a starting studio to focus on making a more profitable, shorter time-span, and innovative idea than going in “direct competition” with an established title.

Thank you for the reply! It can be boiled down to starting as an annoyance with GRP, however it is much more than this. We are offering an overall superior and better-suited group recruiting service for the not-so-wealthy and the wealthy of ROBLOX, essentially providing grass roots and corporate options. There is much more motivation than a vendetta, and if you and I could chat, I’d love to show you our monetization and how it is in fact much more profitable than that of GRP, and how it can operate on both the short and long term span. Again, many of our ideas are very new and had GRP been given a hold of them, would’ve taken a shot at it. The construction style and openness to FAQ and moderation is one of our main selling points. In regards to my claims about GRP, sure your personal experiences may not show what I said, but mine do. My anecdotal experiences and the experiences of my friends have proven to us that GRP, time and time again, has been lacking in impartiality.

We are not merely a starting studio, as months of research has gone into the three projects we will be pursuing. From my administrative experience for five years on ROBLOX, and the marketing and public relations experience of my fellow corporate team members, we’ve sought after taking an old market and reviving it. Sure, our motivation may be seen as “vindictive”, but many ideas, events, and competition in the world and on ROBLOX has been done merely because of a grudge, hunch, or desire to drown out. Our game plan isn’t entirely just “compete GRP”, as we have laid our ideas, monetization, and specific moderation and customization structures that blow GRP out of the water. Overall, the creation of such a game has the goal of providing an intricate, more tolerant, and far more open experience.

I fully understand your POV, and furthermore agree that many games have been made under the idea to take over the established customers in a certain market. Whatsoever, call it as you may, your payment model indicates that:

  1. You don’t have capital
  2. You are brand new in regards to development as you are looking for multiple coworkers
  3. You are working off the common principle of “long-term chance profitability” (AKA putting in a lot of work for free in order to have a chance at receiving a higher payout by percentage)

Realistically, you are operating as a start-up. Therefore, the idea behind the project is as important as the members of the development team. You may have done a lot of research beforehand and found solutions to the flaws in GRP yet you are missing my biggest point: GRP/group recruitment places aren’t front page games or very diversified in markets. You are looking at a considerably smaller payout compared to front page games for a percentage that may be as small as 4%. Members who toss their hats into the bucket with you are working off a limited idea that is only marketed towards a certain type of audience. My hard-earned advise is to go with a different idea that can be marketed to all ages and audiences.

I am well aware that the group recruiting market is quite narrow, however, I have taken a shot at going after front page ideas, in fact the second idea has been fully developed and is front page worthy, however, I have a caveat to your point. I’ve studied the games of friends of mine who develop for 80-400 player games, SCP roleplay sites, niche Washington RP games, all in the same general genre. Their revenues that I’ve seen are substantial to offer good payment and reserves for the team. Maybe I should’ve made this abundantly clear, but GRSC is going to be the project that will fund other projects after, and most definitely does have potential to gain vast capital. It is much more than group recruiting, it’s also a social club. “Group Recruiting Social Club”, and parts of the map have been and are dedicated to social interaction, fun games, and general hanging out as well.

Realistically, yes we could be summarized as a startup. And to address your point of capital, we do have capital. 20k has been gifted to us by an influencer youtuber who will be promoting us through his youtube channel, sure this isn’t capital I can provide for payment, but it is capital for advertisements and sponsors. **I respect your advice to seek a front page game idea and recognize that it could be much more profitable than GRSC, however, we want to start off small and experiment with our administration style. With a smaller game to manage with more administration that that of a front page game, we will get the swing of things with a 100-400 player market once more, and will easily transition into larger playerbase games.


Was it really necessary to call us corrupt and non-impartial?


Hey, I checked your ban on the GRP Discord you were banned for violating the Roblox ToS in-game. You were also banned on the Discord for “inappropriate quotes comments.”

Going back to the main idea, I know a friend who tried to make a GRP type game, and it failed. It was developed well, except that if you develop the game well, getting a robust community to play the game is the hard part. Many people play GRP because of its vast community. People recruit because it has an extensive community; nobody will recruit if the game hardly has members. If you do put advertisements, many people don’t know how GRP functions and what you’re supposed to do (Since not everyone is looking to recruit or sell).

In my opinion, forget about your ban and spend your time to develop something that would be worth it, like a Studio, or an adventure genre game. If you do wish to continue this, I wish you good luck.

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You neglect to consider that this isn’t ban motivated, this is my team pioneering for a better ROBLOX community. I appreciate your attempt at trying to give “advice”, but I don’t think you realize that it’s not as simple as “game not have people i dont play brrrr”. We have a marketing campaign offering a better service, a more tolerant community and impartial staff, true free speech advocacy and a robust and diverse set of customization and new-era designs and functions for our players. Your friend’s anecdotal experience does not at all categorize or represent the experience or work that people like me are doing, though I appreciate that you’re trying to relate to me, it’s a bad attempt. You say people play GRP for its vast community, but who’s to say that a new competitor cannot gain just as much as a community? Thanks for replying!

With all due respect, it was. The staff team’s actions on several occasions doesn’t help this case at all, and many have been disenfranchised by the actions of GRP staff.

No, it really wasn’t. Your ban and that of your friends were 100% in accordance with our rules. If you want to talk about it privately so as to be in standing with devforum rules, feel free, but I just don’t see the reason that you’ve decided to make an entire GRP alternative simply because ‘we bad and corrupt.’

What MikeAnchose and TruthInALie pointed out is completely true. This project seems to be built on top of a grudge instead of a true desire to want to be a successful place. Their points aren’t unwarranted.

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Again, please stop belittling my project and we can speak privately. I have the freedom to create any project I wish to, and the reasons for creating an alternative and more open and free alternative that allows not just groups, but socialization and community building is what I’ve dreamed of doing on the platform for quite some time. It is not built on a grudge, instead it is built upon a few layers. 1. GRP has less-than-ideal staffing and tolerance, therefore we will provide a superior and more tolerant staff experience that upholds free speech to the fullest extent that we can with ROBLOX’s TOS. 2. We have more innovation in customization, cosmetics, booth features, group sponsor features, and overall more options and more corporate solutions for even the less-than-wealthy on ROBLOX. 3. I have been in the groups genre since 2015 and seek to build a community of my own, GRP is a monopoly on ROBLOX and as ROBLOX allows, I will compete in this market. If you’d like to privately discuss the bans of my friends which you claim to be “fair” (which weren’t and were personal attacks), message me on DevForum or discord. Ocularism#6495.

Hey man, I’m not belittling your project. It’s genuine, constructive criticism. Once again, the entire issue some of us see with your project is that it’s built on a platform of it being better than GRP simply because it’s not GRP. Some people see that as an issue, me included. I’m sorry that you don’t think it’s not a constructive thing to say, but it is.


I appreciate the criticism although I disagree with it. I didn’t say it was not constructive, but it seemed to be belittling in nature. I have more reasons than my anecdotal experiences, as I stated. I’d like to wrap this debate up and discuss with you my experience since I believe you’re one of the higher ups of the staff team. I feel you could seek to benefit from hearing criticism of a staff team that people have had universal experiences with. Once more, Ocularism#6495.

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Like OmniscientLambda said, you did violate the rules. What perks will this game have over GRP? Having free speech isn’t very good knowing you must follow the Roblox ToS; in the case of your ban, GRP did follow the Roblox ToS. I’m not speaking only from my friend, many people have tried this genre, and it failed. It’s not that simple to grow an entire community and be labeled as a competitor to GRP itself. Although you may consider yourself to be superior over other attempts, it’s not always worth the time and effort.

Anyways, you wanted to end this conversation as mentioned before such good luck on your project!


If only you had access to chat logs from staff and could see the malpractice and personal vendettas staff have taken against people that stood up to being insulted by them. Anyways, like I said your advice is a nice attempt to “help”, but we do not need your advice nor help, thanks for your concerns.

Also since you were wondering, Mike.

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