[15-20k] Coop! is looking for scripters to complete a game!

Coop! Recruitment GFX

About Us

Greetings! I’m meteor0id, a builder, modeler, sound designer, and UI designer. I’m looking for experienced scripters to help me finish my game.
The Team
@meteor0id - Builder/Modeler/UI designer/Lead Developer
@gutoggg - (Former) Scripter
@Hex_0517 - Animator
@RazorBladedino117 - Assistant Modeler

About The Job(s)


The scripting for the game is about halfway done, unfortunately the scripter wasn’t able to continue working on the project, so I’d like to hire one or two people to finish up the scripting. You should be experienced and able to understand replicate the current scripting, and most importantly, self sufficient. I shouldn’t have to be nagging you to work every day, I expect you to get stuff done and report your progress. You’ll be in charge of scripting the UI, placement system, shop and inventory system, backend stuff, etc. Again, much of this is already done, although I’m not too experienced with scripting so may have to figure out what else needs to get done yourself. More details can be discussed upon contact/inquiry.

As for a time frame, I’d like the project to be completed within a few months, but you should make updates and complete work in a timely manner.


I have set a budget aside to pay the scripter 15-20k for the completion of the script. This is all negotiable though, if we agree that your work deserves more or less then I can adjust the payment accordingly. If you choose to stay and continue development after release, I can offer a percentage of game revenue depending on how much work you’ve done and what you’ll continue to be doing. I’ll be investing a good bit into advertisements (20-30k) since I have hope the game will be a success.


You can contact me through discord at meteor0id#6619, or through DevForum. If you have any inquires relevant to the project, don’t hesitate to ask. I look forward to seeing your applications.

When contacting me, please provide:

  • Your portfolio, or past work.
  • Your experience in your area of expertise.
  • Any other information you think would be helpful to increase your chances of being picked.

If you do not provide these things, I will ignore you.

Again, and I cannot stress this enough, you need to be self sufficent, experienced, and have the time and motivation to work on the project as much as possible. I can’t have you ghosting me halfway through.