[15%+] Hiring Experienced Builder(s) | 2 Spots | VICE


This project is souly based on 80’s Nightlife & Pure Crime. There are a couple of other productions as such on ROBLOX right now, however we are going to be offering the pure experience. Further, we are not going to be “copying” off of these other projects nor leeching their ideas.

VICE will have solid & realistic mechanics, such as a realistic R15 Walking/Running Feature, Nightclub Dancing Animations, Realistic Weapon Animations, and other Crime Features. VICE will not contain a governmental structure, but it will contain a Law Enforcement Department in which will be more private and will require a proper training to join.


If you have watched 80s film, played games set in that era, you will know the style we are going for. We are looking to involve a nightlife style. Further, we are not at all looking for detailed builds, just primarily a Smooth-Plastic, Low-Detailed buildings.


So, at the time this project will be a bit of a longer-term, but it will be fun. With that being said, I am going to be offering 15% and UP depending on your experience and past work that can be provided. As a developer on the site for MANY years now, I know the quality of a builder and I know how to properly pay them.

I want to ensure that anyone interested is comfortable and not at all skeptical nor uncomfortable. With that being said, I will do my best to ensure that the needs of anyone interested are met. However, when it comes to developing I will be expecting the same type of motivation.


If you are interested in joining this project, I am urging you to contact me directly through my contact information below. I primarily am on discord 99% of the time, in which you have better luck contacting me there.

DISCORD stick#0677



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