[$150] Looking for a Builder - Still Open

Hello Everyone!

The Robloxian Christans Online Church is looking for someone to build a new church facility. We are currently searching for candidates that have experience building modern architecture with a decent-part count.

What we want built:

  • We are looking to build a comprehensive church facility with a modern design.
  • Components of the structure:
    ** Central worship/sanctuary area with seating for 125 players.
    ** Stage/platform in the worship area for microphone, lectern, and room for AV equipment such as projector screens.
    **AV tech booth in the worship area.
    ** Lobby/foyer area that has welcome desk and will be the main entrance.
    ** Lobby will provide space for group store and coffee stand.
    ** Office room space. Board room space. Waiting room with main desk.
    ** Several Small rooms with space for different chair/table configurations for small group activities.
    ** Wall of engravements listing donors, supporting organizations, and staff.
  • Furniture throughout the space:
    ** Pews in the worship area, pulpit, altar, etc.
    ** Chairs/desks/tables in offices and small group rooms.
    ** Other furniture required as building progresses.
  • Landscape/Outside:
    ** Landscaped area outside the church.
    ** Spawn area on sidewalk.
    ** Grassy outside with basic natural features like shrubs and trees.
    ** Paths leading to various entrances.

What we are looking for is subject to change as the project progresses.

We are looking for candidates who:

  • Consider themselves Christian or have experienced life in a Christian Church
  • Have experience building modern-style architecture and are able to provide best works or a showcase to view.
  • Have experience building with a decent part count (not low-poly) so that the church functions well on mobile and x-box, tablet, and pc.
  • Have experience building furniture and interior settings.
  • Are willing to be cooperative and patient as the project may last several weeks.

How will payment work?

We have 150 dollars in which we will pay at the completion of the project via paypal. If instead you would prefer and equivalent number of Robux, we are willing to provide you with that amount minus Roblox tax. If you think you deserve more after the completion of the project, we are willing to discuss group payout options.

If you are interested:
Contact DanielH253 by DevForum message or on discord at DanielH253#4951. Currently we are just looking for candidates and will be looking at examples of your work before selecting a builder.

This project may seem like a lot at first. But we hope that as you work with us you will enjoy it. This project is great for newer builders that want to get their name out there. The builder’s name will be engraved on the wall of supporters for credit.

The Robloxian Christians serves roughly 15,000 young people on Roblox and has had a strong presence in the Roblox community since its founding in 2011. In 2015, we launched our “God is Love” ministry place that has since been played over 330,000 times. In 2016, we received recognition from Princeton Theological Seminary and Duke School of Divinity for our work in online youth ministry. In 2018, we were recognized by Seattle Pacific University for continued commitment to innovation in the faith. We are very excited that you are interested in developing with us and look forward to connecting with you


Is the pay negotiable?

We have very limited funding, so we would be willing to negotiate with % of group payout after the completion of the project.

I am really tempted to do it, how big would this church have to be?

It is challenging to put a scale on it before we decide on exactly what we want in it, but it wouldn’t be massive. I think we would have to talk more before I can give an exact size. I would encourage you to send me a DM with examples of your work, just so you are in the pool of candidates we are considering.

I mean i’m interested aswell, though I haven’t been to church in a while… I’ll hit ya up in dm

I know this isn’t really what your looking for, but i was actually working on a church before I saw this (Still a wip) but is this around something your meaning?

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