[$1,500 USD] SCPF Recruitment | 3D Modeler Hiring for Military Styled Assets. [HIRING]


! Disclaimer !

We are looking for experienced developers only, do not proceed if inexperienced.

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We are a up and coming SCPF thats is going to provide a new wave of game mechanics to the SCPF genre and ROBLOX Community in general. We have a large budget to revolutionize the way that ROBLOX Games will have to compete with. We will bring the best of the best to the SCPF Community and to ROBLOX that anyone has seen. These are our goals we are striving for.

You can see our group here: https://www.roblox.com/groups/4755211/SCPF-l-l-Special-Containment-Procedures-Foundation#!/about


We are looking for developers that have lots of experience in 3D Modeling. We are looking for Mesh Designers/3D Designers. You will be tasked with making military styled assets that will have relatively lots of detail however these assets will be optimized on most PCs.

Below shows some things you will be making and how they will vary in detail.



We have two different teams, one focusing on the roleplay site and another focusing on the main site.

Main Site
@S_attack - Group Owner, Project Oversight
@TheCreeperKeeper1 - Programmer, UI Designer, Project Oversight
@LT1119 - Builder, Project Oversight
@username - Modeler
@username - Animator

Roleplay Site
@S_attack - Group Owner, Project Oversight
@TheCreeperKeeper1 - Front-End Programmer, UI Designer, Project Oversight
@totoro987123 - Back-End Programmer
@econaut - Builder
@FragmentFour - Builder
@username - Modeler
@username - Animator

All developers are expected to:

ā€¢ Have extensive knowledge of the SCPF genre on Roblox
ā€¢ Be able to follow through with assignment due dates
ā€¢ Be able to create high-quality original work created solely by the developer
ā€¢ Be able to cooperate and work well in a team environment

If any of these qualities are not present within the developer, you will be automatically declined.

Prices are negotiable depending on work quality and completion time. You will be paid per asset complete in either Robux or USD though the preferred payment method is USD. Our current budget for all developers is $1,500 USD though this amount may increase in the future.

In order to apply, you must contact us on Discord with a portfolio of your work. This can simply be images of work you created or links to models/games. Along with your portfolio, you should write a short paragraph about your time on Roblox and why/how you began developing. You must contact us, we will not contact you.
Discord Tag: Saxon#1000
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Comment any questions below.


Are you looking for artists? I see it says it in the topic title but not the main topic.

Iā€™m experienced in SCPF.

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Well more like modelers, let me change the title.

Alright, if you need any graphic designers just tell me.

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