[15,000 R$] SIMPLE Weapon scripter needed


We are looking for a scripter who’s able to script very customizable laser guns, you may use placeholder assets while working and we will replace them with our own.


We need a script for all sorts of gun types, meaning, I want to be able to customize how the gun works by simply modifying the settings given. We want to be able to modify: Fire Speed/Rate, Spread, Barrel Locations (more info bellow), Bullet Distance and Damage amount. When done, we should be able to use the script for any kind of gun we’d like.

[For guns that have multiple barrels or tools that have dual guns, we’d like to be able to set the locations of where the bullets are coming out of, so it’d be a table of the available locations, if one barrel it’ll just fire from that, if multiple, we’d like a setting where we can say if they all fire at once or one barrel at a time]


  • Function as a Roblox Tool
  • Works with PC/Mobile/Console
  • Works in third/first person
  • Feels good/responsive
  • Only expected gun animation is recoil
  • Gun script must support (Regular gun, shotgun, burst, dual pistols)
  • Code must be well organized and readable


Total payment is 15k R$ and the deadline is 4-5 days


If interested find us here

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