[15K-25K ROBUX] Lighting Design

Environmentalist / Lighting Designer Needed!

About Us

Hello there, we are currently one of the top Attack on Titan genre’s right now, and we’re looking to expand our environment and world design, but first, we need someone to help with our lighting! This includes making unique sets of lighting in return for a given amount of money!

The genre, ‘Attack on Titan’ often times have the largest open universe worlds in terms of maps, but not every one of our maps will need a custom and unique lighting design, only some- and you will be paid per lighting set that you make!

About The Job

We are looking for an environmentalist who will make numerous sets of lighting for us, some include gloomy, others include winter maps, some desert, and even town/city like fantasy lightings. We will provide images of the map and it will be up to you to design what you believe would fit the world the best. We will also provide the environmental feels that we’re attempting to achieve (such as cold, hot, gloomy, etc…)

For a starting basis we have three maps that we’re looking for you to design lighting on, all three of these follow the Attack on Titan District lighting (A fantasy like town)


We are currently paying 4,000-5,000 per environment that you design. We will be checking each one to make sure it meets the criteria!

With that being said, as of right now we have 3 maps which need lighting sooner then later, however you can expect 5 more to follow that later down the road.

Disclaimer: we may be hiring more then one person, it really depends on how quickly people work!

Contact Us

You may contact myself at Node#0001
Thanks for your time!


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