15k Budget - Hiring Clothing Designer [CLOSED]

Hi there! I plan on launching Neon Society this upcoming Friday for about 25k R$.

Unfortunately something abrupt affected one of our current main designers. We are looking for a professional designer to join the team to help pump out clothes before launch!

I have a budget of 15k. If I have to pay 15k, I will also pay tax since I will pay through a t-shirt.

My Discord is ryantactics#1103



I suggest putting what type of clothes you’re looking for in the post.

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Approximately how many pieces are you looking for?

I worked with @WardensRose recently (before this post was made) and had an excellent experience! They were very easygoing, flexible and patient. Would definitely recommend this to any streetwear designers looking for a gig! :slight_smile:

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no longer interested, post edited so my portfolio doesn’t have to be linked to this.

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I’m interested, I have 2 years of experience making clothing, DM me on discord

Sent one. I just got into clothing and would REALLY like to get back into it!
My @ is bright.

i can work for that much… i have made more then 200 clothings and my shirts have blown up…
add m EnnatheGamer#9825

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