[15k] Building and Scripting Cars

About Us

Hello, I am 12904, Lead of Development for Barbie Kingdom, a 5k+ member clothing group. We are currently working on a game that cars are going to be a must have for transportation.

The Team
@BarbieBankz - Owner/Investor
@12904 - Scripter
@Samchan77 - Builder
@honeydewloon - Modeler

About The Job

We are needing a total of 7 cars made.

This is both building and scripting

  • Ferrari
  • Lamborghini Huron
  • Tesla
  • Swat Truck
  • Police Car
  • Ford Focus
  • Chevy Impala

All of these need to feature suspension and features such as a Radio, Headlights, Flip, and Drift

Absolutly NO free models!!!


We are paying one lump sum of 15k for these cars. I am aware 15k is not much but the budget for this game has already went up over 800%. I will prefer not for it to go any higher…

Contact Us

You can contact me any of these ways.

Here at the dev forum
Discord at 12904#1757 (Tell me if you add me along with your username)
Roblox DMs

Discord is required…

I appreciate your time!

Best if you came up with your own designs since you may get copyrighted.


True, right now games such as Jailbreak, Vehicle simulator, and Full Throttle has these specific cars. I don’t think that the original car company cares much about it. So hopefully it won’t be a problem. If it is in the future we can just change the name as well as a couple body features

Games like Jailbreak and Grand Theft Auto use cars inspired by real cars to avoid the laws. Even though Jailbreak uses a Camaro, it has no Chevrolet badges and the low poly design makes it arguably different.

There’s an active legal battle going on between Activision and Humvee right now, because Call of Duty used the Humvee without getting permission.


Alright, will definitely take these suggestions into consideration once I find someone…

You’ll be spending all 15k R$ on this alone. Recommend just slapping your stuff on SS6 or AC6 and then just add things like Radio afterwards. I know you’re heavily set on No Free Models, but in the case of the chassis & coding with the car, to fit your budget, you’re gonna have to.

And then as far as the car models, you’re gonna get some pretty weak versions for such a low price point. Don’t expect high poly meshes unless those meshes are stolen from somewhere, lol.


Since you have a low budget, instead of trying to get all the cars try to only get a maximum of 2. That way you can ensure at least a level of quality.

Success of the game will bring you enough revenue to get them all.

I would also recommend for you to emphasize a need for organization in the model that way it will be easier for you to change the appearance of the car. That’s what I did in my car chassis and I can easily make it a limo as I can make it a smart car.

Alright, will defintely take that into consideration… We have someone rn making them, we will see how they turn out!

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