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This topic is to inform the users and group members of the information of the group, games, and all subsidiaries of 1X Theatre. This includes- Main Group, Websites, Games (Theatre, Applications, and Training Centre), and all other assets including 1X Theatre. This thread is updated when group information is changed. Once applied using the application centre, you automatically agree to all posted rules/guidelines and will face punishment if broken.

Theatrical Guidelines

Abuse of admin/building tools.

The abuse of building tools (F3X) or the abuse of Adonis Admin is not allowed in any game. This includes use all/others/admins/non-admins or any team/large mass of players as the subject of a command, any command that hasn’t been blocked that causes harm to other players, or the abuse of basic functions of the commands allowed by Administrators.

Abuse of the access card system or the ticketing system.

Abuse of the access card system includes the following: Dropping/Glitching non-admins with access cards, opening doors for people other than yourself, or using exploitation methods to clone cards to give everyone in-game access to doors. Abuse of the ticket system includes: Giving tickets to everyone in the server due to pure laziness, opening the doors/premium doors for other people without the game pass or normal ticket, and using exploitation methods to clone tickets to give everyone in-game access to ticket doors.

Pure insubordination of the administrators.

The insubordination of the administrators is not allowed at any point. You will be muted/suspended for this action. All members are to follow the directives of administrators.

Finding loopholes in the rules

The act of finding loopholes or flaws in the rules is not allowed and you still still be punished for the action anyways. Thanks for improving our rules by doing this.

Trolling with the staff.

Trolling around with the staff excessively is not allowed and you will be warned/kicked from the game if done so. Medium jokes are allowed to a certain point by the administrator or staff member.

Exploitation of the game.

Exploitation of the theatre, applications, or the training centre is not allowed. This is against ROBLOX Terms of Service and is not allowed in any game on their platform. Any user caught exploiting will be permanently banned from the game and all games.

Personal Advertisement

At 1X Theatre, we kindly disallow the advertisement in-game or on the group wall with your personal account or using bots. You will be muted in-game and the bot account will be taken in the hands of the ROBLOX administration team to handle the account.

Group Media and Links

Trello Boards

Public Board: Trello
1X Theatre Version 5 Roadmap: Trello

Group Invite Link

Security Information
On March 24th, 2019; we created the security section of 1X Theatre. This role is mainly to protect the theatre from trolling and manage reports sent in from the game. We will be releasing a document to the information and the guidelines of being a security member at 1X Theatre. Applications for that rank will also be announced with that document.

Make sure to follow and keep updated with all posted rules here. All updates to this thread will be announced with the link to this thread.

1X Theatre Founder and Head of Development

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