2 cheap devs for the price of 1!

About Me

Hello! me and my friend are offering or services for the price of 1 developer, that means yoy get 2 dev for the price of 1! We speak spanish, my friend not too much but I can translate him almos perfectly.


I cant upload the works here, I dont know why, please, contact me by discord so I can send you our work.


I am free almost every day 6 hours maybe more, my friend is free around 8 hours a day


The price its negotiable depending on the task that we are assigned.


Contact me by discord: alfre#9122

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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Instead of asking us to DM you for work, can you post them here?

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But what do you guys actually do?


Not enough information, Please provide your example and please put what your services… because I don’t understand what you offering.

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What do you guys do? Also could you post examples of your work.

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Hello! I tried to upload many times the work, in the main message and in this one, it just keeps loading! Contact me on discord so I can send our work. Thanks. alfre#9122

hey! I cant, it keeps loading and nothing appears, sorry for the lack of information I changed the post, contact me on discord for any questions or to show you our work. alfre#9122

I cant, It keeps loading and nothing upload.

we build, my friend script a little bit just a little bit.

Add me and send me your work, please.

water bottle #2380

sent friend request (Kami#4133)

I tried, It says it dosent appears

Changed my name, my apologies. It is now tal #2380