[2 OPEN POSITIONS] Hiring Developers!


About Me

My name is asethically, and I’m a YouTuber with 2.61K subscribers. I’ve always wanted to run my own cafe or restaurant, but the competition is tough. I wanted to go into the Frozen Yogurt business, because it’s so new, and full of potential. I’m looking for people who have the same vision as myself.

About Us

Froideur is a new and upcoming Frozen Yogurt company here on ROBLOX. Our goal is to become the largest Frozen Yogurt company on Roblox.


[OPEN] Builder

[OPEN] Scripter

[CLOSED - @Generic0001] Food Modeller

[CLOSED - @Drinkinix] UI Designer

Payment Options

We now are able to pay you through Robux, as well as through Paypal, or Visa/Mastercard gift cards. If you’re interested, contact me on discord or via Forum.

More Information

If you’d like more information about the jobs, payment options, prices, or some photos for reference, please contact me on discord. My tag is anjola…#3351

We look forward to hearing from you all!


I am interested, but I tried to send a friend request through discord and your username or tag is wrong.

The discord you have provided is not right, so you may add me instead.
Mas.#0413 (with dot)
I want to ask a few personal questions about that builder position so if you could add me, that would be awesome! :smiley:

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The discord provided doesn’t seem to want to work, if you can add me that’d be great :slight_smile:

May I ask, how much funding have you got for this project?

Or are you looking for investors?

Or are you basing it purely on your youtube channel?

Just need some clarification regarding this before taking anything into consideration.

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I’m interested, please contact via the forum.

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I am a builder willing to take on the job! If you would like to see some of my work my discord is Acxsa#8845.

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Try it without the period. #anjola3351 is my tag.

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I have enough funding for this project due to the money I earn from my YouTube channel. I’m looking for people who will stay with us, but it’s alright if it’s a one-time thing.

Try using the discord tag now. :slight_smile:

cannot add you via discord

add me mikey#6140

I am interested add me Lau#6189

I can’t seem to add you. You may message me in the Forum.

Didn’t work. Message me VIA forum.

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The tag you gave is not working.

can i know how much your paying for food models? ofc i would like in USD.

I am interested in the modeling position, DM me at Generic0001#0095

I’ll message you in the forums.

I love this concept, it’s so adorable ! If you need art or textures for these, you can FR me on discord, i’d be happy to know more about this project. Codanine#5946 !

I am interested in the UI designer category, I don’t have many examples, but I can do that style! You can see my portfolio here.

Discord: Loertis#0001