2-Step-Verifcation Help

Hello, recently I enabled 2-step-verification to help further protect my account, but then I realized the email on my account is incorrect. I no longer have access to the email and it’s verified.

I tried contacting support, yet I got a very vague answer with no solution.

If anyone has a potential solution please help. 2-step-verifcation has made me have lots of delays in my project.

Thank you.


If you had a phone number connected to the account you may still be able to verify access.

Do you have any robux recipients?

I haven’t added my phone number yet. I tried doing it and it needed my email to send my phone number.

Yes I do, but it’s the website one.

robux recipients doesn’t matter, my main account got locked despite having robux recipients in there, I have a similar issue in this topic

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Do you have an authenticator app?

Unfortunately not. I just started trying to protect my account, but it ended up locking me. :confused:

Is there any other way to get my account back? I did have recovery codes, but I accidently deleted it a while ago. And there’s no way of recovering it since it’s been past 30 days. :frowning:

All mighty bump!!! :facepunch::facepunch::facepunch: because I still need help!

I would recommend to just keep responding to the emails, even if they are likely bots/copy-pasted, as eventually someone will take notice of your ticket and actually assist you.

I have had issues with Roblox support in the past where they just gave very vague answers, but after replying to all their messages saying whatever they told me to try didn’t work (because it didn’t), they eventually helped me with my issue.

Generally, I think if they see that you believe your issue is important enough for you to actually reply to the bot emails they send you, they will assist you with your issue.

Good luck getting your account back!

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