2 styles of a house!

Modeled a house the other day and decided to test with 2 different styles! Here’s what they look like.


Really nice house, both styles look great. Personally like the one on the right more as, well, not a real big fan of really bright colors. Good work.

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Both of these are really awesome. I think I like the one on the left more though for some reason… I guess I like bright colors.

Both are great! The left looks like something in a cartoony game like Adopt Me, and the right looks like a more realistic game!

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I like it a lot I prefer the low poly version myself. But they’re both just as good. I think the low poly gives me “islands” vibes. And the more realistic one gives me camping game vibes. I love them both, keep it up!

Both styles are really well made, you barely left out any detail on the house which is really impressive. I personally like the one on the right because I don’t necessarily like low-poly style builds, the realism in the right house adds more definition to the build and makes it stand out a lot more. Overall amazing though, keep up the great work!

We just gonna ignore the fact that the front door is borded up but there’s a light emitting from the upstairs window :rofl:

Nice build man, I don’t see anything wrong with it.