[20-50 USD] AI Scripter for a Siren Head Themed Game


About Us

Hello there! My name is Rald_s, currently the owner of a small group Phantom Horizons Entertainment and we’re working on an awesome game centered around a new trend, Siren Head. We have devoted developers working on the game and the game is almost near completion.

The Team
ROCRAFTJoakim - Sound Desiger, and 3D Modeler
@Rald_s - Scripter, Map Designer, and Animator
@Creepy_Night - UI Art Designer

You can see our progress so far here: The Island - Roblox
It isn’t out on public yet, but you can check out videos and images from our current progress…


About The Job

We are looking for experienced AI Scripter/Programmer to work on Siren Head’s main AI. There will be given specifications on what Siren Head should do in given situations or events. Everything will be discussed when you’re hired. I won’t be setting any age limitations on applying, ages 13 and above would be preferable.

We will be giving you as much time you need to finish everything. I will require a portfolio of somekind if you’re interested, GIFs, Videos, or Game examples will be best.


We are only paying USD via PayPal, the amount promised will be around 20-50 USD. Payments are given after completion, I will require a game dedicated for testing before the payment so I can test it out myself. Please make sure that your PayPal account is prepared and clear with issues, I will not be responsible for the issues in your PayPal account.

Contact Us

You can contact me via DevForum, @Rald_s. When everything’s settled in and you’re hired, we’ll resume our conversation on Discord. Please make sure you have a clear portfolio showcasing your previous projects that includes working with AI on Roblox.

Thank you for reading this topic! Hope to work with you soon :happy2:

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