[20%] Looking For a Realistic Builder

I’m looking for two very experienced and advanced builders to build with each other a highly detailed section of Stockholm, Sweden.

I want it to look similar to these builds:

All made by Fynxt

Your payment will be 20% of the revenue.


Please provide more information towards the project if you want to catch the attention of any modeller/builder.


Not much information I can give.

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You’re going to need a lot more info for this. First off, this build is EXTREMELY time consuming and ambitious. Just for that alone you’re very unlikely to get anyone to accept.
Second, what’s the pay? Most devs won’t work for percentage of game funds on release, it’s almost always surefire way to not get paid.
If the game flops, do you have a backup plan to pay your devs?
What game would this be for?
How are you expecting to make money from it?
There’s a lot more information needed here.


“What’s the pay”, the pay is stated, just because you don’t like the pay I stated, doesn’t mean there is no pay.

The builds are for a Swedish Ro-Nation, as it says in the post.

I would love to work with a project like this, but 20% for what a game I don’t know is going to be a bust and for all I could know you could just steal the map and ditch me, I’m not interested unless you got another plan ma’am.

via @sketchm_e9596


And why would I just put so much detail, and hard worked time to get potentially scammed because I accepted a % build?


Uhhhh, lol.
Don’t come on to the devforum with the idea that everyone’s going to scam you, lol.
You could say that about literally everything posted here lol, wrong attitude.

I don’t really have the wrong attitude many people will gladly agree with me that % is too risky and that they wouldn’t take the job.


Not worth it man, 20% for a whole detailed city is low. And ontop of that, ronations dont make any money usually so you will end up getting almost no pay

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