[$200] Hiring Modelers for New Naval Game Concept [SUMMER RELEASE]

Hello, you may have seen my previous post about hiring programmers. This is one directed to modelers.

Job Details

I am looking for someone who can model islands with specific themed buildings, trees, decor to it. These islands and decor will be miniature to the player, the buildings will be about the character’s height. When I say theme I mean medieval, frozen, lava, etc. There shouldn’t be much detail in the buildings or decor or trees but try to make it noticeable what they are. There are 15 islands with their own theme, if you do all 15 it will be $200.

Some islands will be bigger than others and some will have less detail (buildings, decor, trees) than others as well, keep that in mind.


Completing all 15 islands you will get $200. Payment is only available through Paypal.


You must complete the islands by July 1, 2020 and show evidence that you’re working on it as the deadline approaches.


Leave your Discord contacts below if you’re interested! Expect to show your previous work when asked, this is just to make sure your quality and style of modeling.

Thanks for reading the post, I hope to work with some great modelers soon!


I am interested. My discord account is Dale#0163

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Hello, I am very interested. My discord is Lyxtek#6235. Thank you!

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I have worked with Hoblow before, very fast response time and great models.


I am interested. My discord is GoldenEye#4063

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I’m interested! Would love to discuss more in discord!

Is this still open? If so, please feel free to DM me. Photo#7008

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