[200+ USD] Hiring a talented SCP-styled builder

About The Project

We’re looking for a skilled builder with some knowledge in the SCPF genre. Together we’ll be working on Area 02, which I can’t publicly get into specifications on. While we don’t have a set day for when we want it complete, we want it ideally within a month.

The Team

What will you be working on?

I’m looking to create something stands out, not in a flashy way, but in a unique way. I want Area 02 to pioneer new features and ideas into the SCPF community. A list of things you might be working on is listed below…

  • Hallway designs (~5 different hallway designs)
  • Lobby design
  • Door designs (including larger gates)
  • Props (such as chairs, desks, etc…)
  • Containment cells
  • Exterior building design

Please note that what I have listed above is not to limit what you’ll be working on, though just an example of some of the things you’ll be working on.

What will you get in return?

Though it is negotiable and might fluctuate based on quality and time of completion, you can expect to be paid 200 USD on completion of the project.

How do you apply?

If you are interested in joining the project, please add me on Discord at Ul#0001.


Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope to work with you in the future! If you need any more specifications on the project, please feel free to shoot me a message on the developer forum.



I’m quite interested in this project, I’ve sent you a friend request on discord. Hope to hear from you soon!

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