[$200 USD] Hiring Advanced Modellers for Summer Blockbuster Game

(From an earlier post 2 months ago, still looking for modeler)

Job Details

I am looking for someone who can model islands with specific themed buildings, trees, decor to it. These islands and decor will be miniature to the player, the buildings will be about the character’s height. When I say theme I mean medieval, frozen, lava, etc. There shouldn’t be much detail in the buildings or decor or trees but try to make it noticeable what they are. There are 15 islands with their own theme, if you do all 15 it will be $200.

Some islands will be bigger than others and some will have less detail (buildings, decor, trees) than others as well, keep that in mind.


Completing all 15 islands you will get $200. Payment is only available through Paypal.


You must complete the islands by October 1, 2020 and show evidence that you’re working on it as the deadline approaches. Obviously with school there can be some leniency but mainly I want to weed out people who don’t work and are lazy.


Leave your Discord contacts below if you’re interested! Expect to show your previous work when asked, this is just to make sure your quality and style of modeling.

Job Examples

Here is an example of a themed map I would want, which includes detail but is still simple and low poly in many ways. (This was made by a previous person who dropped out)

The miniature buildings are like Tower Defense Simulator buildings if you have ever played that. This is just to give you an idea of scale if you’re having trouble picturing.

Thanks for reading the post, I hope to work with some great modelers soon!


Hello, I am interested on this job, lets talk more in Disocrd, RocketScript#4204


I’ll be in contact :slight_smile:

Hi :slight_smile:
I am interested in 3D Modeler position

My discord: Awesome_Playz123#7807

This post is still open, again I am open to negotiating the price if it seems too low!

Do you have like references from other games like screenshots? Would recommend finding some if not, may interest more people if there is more detail about the task. :slight_smile:

I’m interested.

My Discord: Rudy#4057

Thank you! I added some pictures which should help people to understand what it is I’m wanting.

I’m interested discord Cal#6694

Hey, I’m interested in this :slight_smile:
here’s my discord tag: toocrusty#8479

Hello, I’m interested in creating some custom themed islands for you. Here’s an example of my work

My discord is Picks#8209

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