[2000 R] Lobby For Sale!

About me

My name is Alysson, and this was a lobby project I was working on for a game of mine, but I couldn’t fit it with the theme, so it was kept.You can see more of my constructions by contacting Discord!


Lobby Images


I’m selling 2000 Robux, i think it’s fair because of its size and details, although we can negotiate. I only accept group funds!


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord: Alysson#4484

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Is this just buildings or is it buildings with scripts?

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I would like to know this as well. Also is price negotiable? I’d like to buy it but probably not for R$2000 (maybe I would if it was scripted)

Do you refer to the tower in the lobby?

How much would you buy this lobby?

I’m referring to the tower, yes. I’m now thinking they’re not scripted due to the “Coming Soon” signs. Again I ask, are prices negotiable?

I would probably buy this for R$1500 if that sounds reasonable to you.

So as I mentioned above this lobby was one I was doing for a game but I didn’t finish the scripts, but you can do it yourself is not so difficult but if you want help just call by message in the forum. And yes prices are negotiable.

That actually looks so good! I love it. Hopefully someone gets it off you.

2k is a nice price for it too.

Good luck! :smiley:


I agree with @Komorebu that this is a really nice lobby. Personally I currently would have no use for it, but if I did, you best believe I’d hit you up on buying this :smiley:
-WalkingTalkingTopHat :tophat:


You should sell this for 1.5 - 2k. I feel like it would be a pretty good deal, and would probably be the best to go with for getting offers.

The lobby looks vibrant and clean.

Good luck finding possible buyers! :slight_smile:

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is 1.5k a good price? I don’t have the robux now but I could buy it in the near future

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Yes 1.5k is a good price, and without any problem, you can contact me whenever you want.

Looks great!
Can you link the game?

Yeah, it looks amazing! Keep up the good work!