[$2000 USD] Featherfly Studios is hiring a Programmer!

The Featherfly Studios team is looking for a Programmer to join our team and contribute to our game Streaming Simulator.

The team currently consists of:

  • @Basekill - Game Designer and Graphics/UI Designer
  • @MatG013 - Builder
  • @Lau2971 - 3D Modeler

Both Mat and myself have worked on Game Dev Life and we have all worked on various other projects before (individually)

About Streaming Simulator

Streaming Simulator is a game which focuses on putting a creative twist on a life simulation game.

Hire your favorite streamers to stream with you in an exhilarating, unique streaming feature where you have to work with others (or by yourself) to complete a flurry of tasks thrown at you. Build your own house and design your rooms to your liking. Complete side-jobs around the city and level up your skills as you strive to become the best.

The Job

We are looking for an experienced programmer to create a captivating experience that has never been seen before on the platform.
Someone who will improve the team and has a passion to learn and create games

We want you to:

  • Write code which is future proof and can easily be understood by others
  • Implement smooth feeling UI/UX
  • Be creative, curious, compassionate and be able to lead projects
  • Be understanding of others and willing to help people around you improve
  • Communicate effectively in English in team voice calls
  • Enjoy making games!

Example Tasks

  • An in-depth building system where models can be locked to grids. The colour/material of models should be able to be changed. The lengths of walls should be able to be adjusted and the player should be able to place a door/window into the wall. There also needs to be a roof system where the player can place a roof on top of a set of walls and just the lenghts.
  • A lootbox + inventory system that allows for trading
  • A Streaming system where players have to do certain actions in a limited amount of time

These are only examples - more information will be given if you are accepted.


We are offering ~$2000 USD in total for completion of the game.
This will be paid in sections:

  • $800 (split into chunks) will be paid when tasks are completed.
  • $1000 will be paid upon completion of the game
  • $200 will be paid if you meet the quality and speed required

Alternatively payment can be negotiated, including % and Robux payment options.

The reason for splitting the payment is to ensure the game is made to the highest quality.

How to Apply

To apply you must be at least 16.
If you are interested, please email featherflystudios@gmail.com with the subject ‘PROGRAMMER APPLICATION’

Please include the following:

  • Full-name, Roblox name, Age and Location
  • A copy of your CV / Resume, including any work, projects or games you have created in the past.
  • A cover letter detailing why you want to work at Featherfly Studio
  • Strengths/Weaknesses and anything you specialize in
  • Anything else you want to add

If you have any questions, please reply to this post or DM me on Twitter @BasekillRBX or on DevForums.


Is there any particular reason why you must be at least the age of 16?


Is there any reason the programmer needs to create “smooth UI/UX”. You do realize what a programmer does right?


I have found that generally people who are older have more experience and more professional. However that is not always the case so I would be happy to be proven wrong!

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Would you still need a resume or CV if your under the age of 16?

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Having worked with UI/UX before would be ideal as an additional skill, they wouldn’t have to design it, just scale and implement it to work across all platforms.

Yes, that is still required. I’m looking for someone who is talented and has worked on other projects before.

I see what you want the programmer to do, and see little descriptive little job. I am more wondering what the tasks will be? Is there a certain role? Is there a certain task? Or is this a leading development role?

This is a leading development role. I haven’t listed the tasks as I feel it would have left the post too convoluted. Some examples are trading, an in-depth building system, skills system etc.


Added a few example tasks to give potential applicants a better idea of what the job will entail

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