2022:The Future of Roblox

Back in 2021,I made a game that predicted the future of Roblox in 2022,It says Robloxians evolved to be taller and more humanoid. This isnt accurate nowadays due to the investor day which actually predicted the platform´s future,but still you can play that game and even remainings checked the video.


(The name was updated because of the guidelines)

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The grammar here is quite off. First of all, you add a space after a comma, colons, and semicolons, and this is an apostrophe: '.

This might make your game more relevant to search results.

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I will think of doing that,okay?

The game quite looks like nothing very much predictable and being a future to the platform whatsoever… It just simply has a custom R15 character scaling between BodyDepthScale, BodyHeightScale, BodyWidthScale and HeadScale, which the feature was released on November 15th, 2016.

Also, to note, the Roblox accessories while applying with this new scale quite do not work properly. An example is using a scarf:

And, something that I noticed in-game is the minor errors in the DialogChoice’s texts, but, it can be fixed quickly.

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I attempted to make a Robloxian look more realistic with those options, since Roblox would make robloxians look more realistic with Rthro and i think i could make a better future than what roblox plans to do which wasn’t revealed until months later.

This is Roblox´s fault and not mine. I don’t think i would be able to fix this.

Okay, I will fix that quickly, but how?

I spawn kinda far away from where everything is. I suggest making the spawn pad closer so people don’t give up walking so easily.


Okay,I will try it anyways.