[20k-30k] Hiring a scripter[CLOSED]

About Us

Hello, I am 12904, current lead developer for Barbie Kingdom. A multi million dollar clothing group on roblox, currently trying to branch into game development.

The Team
@BarbieBankz - Owner/Investor
@12904 - Scripter

About The Job

We are looking for a extra scripter to help me completely script this game, I will be doing the majority of the work, but you will act as my “assistant” to get this project done as fast as possible

The game is going to be a simulator (Details will be given over discord), you will most likely be doing a crate opening type system, a shop, and basic datastores. I would like you to have knowledge of everything from datastores to pathfinding.

You absolutely MUST be organized, that is going to be the make or break thing if other people can navigate your code easy.


We are paying 20-30k as a one time payment. There will be no percentage included with this.

Contact Us

Discord is required, you can add me at 12904#1757


I have sent you a friend request on discord


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