[20k] [CLOSED] Hiring Project Assistants


About Us

Garage Games is an upcoming studio group on the Roblox platform, we’re currently looking for some project assistants.

The Team

@ChunkTommy - Project Management | :red_circle:
@redboss633- Project Assistant | :red_circle:
@Joeykingdom99 - Project Assistant | :red_circle:

About The Job

You will be hired for a long term position to assist and manage our game’s production, you will have a deadline of 2 months. Garage Games is an upcoming studio on the Roblox platform and we are currently seeking developers.


  • Able to work in a team
  • 14+ years old
  • Able to work on assigned tasks
  • To express creativity.
  • To be diligent.
  • To be respectful towards colleagues.
  • To be active and try your best to finish tasks.
  • To be able to complete simple instructions and follow directions.
  • To communicate.


We offer a 10k Robux compensation to those who worked although more may be offered depending on your portfolio, we will also have a 200k+ advertisement budget.

:warning: We do not have a USD budget and nor will offer a percentage. Do not ask for these payment methods. :warning:

Contact Me

If you’re interested or have any questions, contact me here.



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