[2/2] Clothing Designers


Macaw Kingdom is a luxury brand of Roblox clothing that specializes in casual wear. For instance, hoodies, sweaters, and jeans. We open the luxury world to everyone. We are recruiting skilled designers to join our and create high-quality clothing in a friendly environment

We are hiring two designers to join our team who are experienced in male clothing. You should be flexible with different textures and materials. I am willing to provide reference pictures if need be but feel free to explore your creative side as well! We also prefer to use our own branding on the clothes.

What I’m looking for:

  • No copied shading templates
  • Original Work
  • Upload 3x times a week
  • No big brand names on the shirt (Vans, Gucci, Nike)
Reference Pictures



I’m offering 200-250R$ per template but prices are negotiable.


Contact me on discord at PandaPb#8845 or here on the devforum! Please include your past work.


Thank you everyone for applying. All the spots have been filled but look out for more opportunities!

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