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About Me :star:

Hi there! I am a builder, scripter, UI designer, sound designer and graphics artist. Currently, my most notable and best project I have worked on so far is my custom Bot for my communications server; it has a variety of commands such as verification, announcements, DM interactive responsive messenger and much much more!

Showcase :star:

Some of the following work best describes my style of development:


City project:

1940’s German themed castle outpost:

High tech research facility project:

Small city project


Group training module, includes game modes and events:

Note: The maps previewed in the training module are not made by me. Some UI and models may still be concept mock designs.

Bubble chat translator, adds grammar to chats by default with exception handling:

My first independent weapon technology:

Interaction loadouts (includes morphs, tools etc), Also rank Gui!


Customisable control display

Backpack Gui

First iteration of my own menu ui (Outdated style, but still good)

Availability :star:

Currently, I am working on my group called ‘Halon’ and a lot of my efforts go into this group. I often offer my services as a way to help fund my group. I can be contacted through communication servers however to get more accurate availability schedules more relevant to that current date.

Payment :star:

Prices are negotiable, I am normally paid USD, however, I may often agree to group payouts. I never accept a percentage payouts.

Contact :star:

You can easily get my attention via discord or my discord servers. Other forms of contact could include on the Roblox site itself.

Roblox: 23adom
Discord: GreatZuck#0332

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