24 Hour Showcase

A few weeks back me and @Vernlage took part in ChronicBuilder’s 24 hour build-off.
The theme of the build-off was ‘Dystopia’ and this is what me and Vern managed to create in about 10-12 hours of the 24 hours given.

If you wanna check it out for yourself there’s a link to the showcase at the bottom of the topic.
Feedback is always welcome!

Here’s a few screenshots of it:

Overgrown Tantrum - Roblox


I’ve always been a fan of apocalyptical/dystopian themed games, so to me this looks so cool! For 10-12 hours, this is something that would take me at least 2 months lol, so nice job. The cars for a dystopian era seem kind of plain, but I like the small spoiler and massive 'murican intake that’s on them.

Good job overall. :+1:


I was planning on making the cars beat down and more, but I was doing those towards the end of the build-off and I kind of miscalculated the time we had left and didn’t manage to do what I was planning to cause we had less time left than I thought.

Thanks a lot!


Holy moly this looks better than I can build! Great job! :+1:

When I build my trees do not look as good as yours and I am not good at making rounded parts of a building.