25 Days of Modelling - Advent Calendar (Day 5!)

This post is going to be me modelling something Christmassy everyday for 25 Days! Basically like an Advent Calendar of Models!
Credits to @ImAvafe for starting it (The post got hidden so I may aswell do it here)

Please give feedback on any of these, it is very appreciated!
(I didn’t get to do the first one, but I will make it just to fill in Day 1 soon!)

What will the models be?
The Models will be either UGC Based Concepts or just Christmas Decor!

What will the models be used for?
During these 25 Days I will be making a little scene with all the models, the UGC Based Models will be put on the characters! And then I will release it whenever I can!

Also HEAVILY inspired by RoBuilder on Youtube!

Wanna challenge yourself??? You can show your Creations here or here! 25 Days of Devcember | DAY 5! :snowflake: Or maybe you want to do your own in #help-and-feedback:creations-feedback (Use #Devcember2022 if you are going to do it on different platforms!)

Let’s see what you have got!


Day 1❔

Day 2β˜ƒοΈ

Cozy Snowman!

Day 3πŸŽ…

Bucket-Belt Hat!

Day 4🎁

Day 5🌟

Day 6❔

Day 7❔

Day 8❔

Day 9❔

Day 10❔

Day 11❔

Day 12❔

Day 13❔

Day 14❔

Day 15❔

Day 16❔

Day 17❔

Day 18❔

Day 19❔

Day 20❔

Day 21❔

Day 22❔

Day 23❔

Day 24❔

Day 25❔


This is a fun idea! Best of luck, I’m considering doing something similar


I hope that this goes well for you! I’ll bookmark this topic for now.


looks cool i think ima do something like this 2

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This seems fun! I am excited to see what you make!

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Best of Luck to you too!! Keep me updated :slight_smile:

I like this idea. Are you doing the models on the fly, or do you have everything planned out for what to do each day?

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Nope, I am making them before the day comes, for example I am making Day 3 right now but it’s Day 2, just so I have it organised. I find it fun being able to do it everyday and learn new things along the way, it also helps with practicing my modelling! The main goal of this journey. :grin: I also make up ideas along the way.

Nice idea!

hehe characters lel

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Thank you!

hehe characters also lel Mostly from imcyff too lol

yoo this seems nice, i’ll be checking on this every day from now on. Gl!

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Hi! Thanks for continuing it! :smiley: Excited to see what you make

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You can also suggest ideas! If I choose yours then I will @ you on the day!

A snowman trying to make UGC would be pretty funny.

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I like that Bucket belt hat. Very nice combination of ideas

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Thank you so much! I thought the Belt and the little lights would look cool!

Do you want me to make a scene every 5 days AND make a big one on the last day? (If I can)

  • Yes
  • Nope

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Also if you want to share your creations here that is perfectly fine too! You can join us on this journey! Or you can do it here
25 Days of Devcember Creations (Day 2!) :snowflake:


DAY 4 out now, be sure to check it out!

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(responding to reply) day 2’s scarf looks pretty good! fits the style well, very silly.
I actually really like day 3’s, I would wear that for sure !
keeping this topic pinned for updates, excited to see what’s next !

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I think that over the 25 days you should slowly construct a christmas tree with green branches, ornaments, a big star on the top, and lights wrapped all around. It would also have a radial carpet on the bottom, with miniture versions of all the builds as presents on the carpet.

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