[$250 - $300] AOT:R | Builders & Particle Designers Needed

Attack on Titan: Retake

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Hello, we’re looking for two specific development sections which include building and particle designing. The game as of now is mainly managed by @M_antas and @HalcyonVisari. We’ll be mainly in need of particles for cannons, overall gear when you’re using the gas burst and scraping the ground. As for the building you’ll be required to have understanding of map design and usage of Blender as we wish to optimize our game and give it more detail. Any further information can be discussed over Discord.

Tasks / Assets

  • Map Design

    • Will consist of most of the locations seen within the anime
    • A lot of the map design and information will be discussed privately
  • Particle Design

    • Cannon smoke (once you fire the cannon)
    • Cannon explosion (a little bit of spark/explosion)
    • Cannon trial (which will lead from the cannon ball)
    • ODM ground scrape (to indicate damage effects)
    • Firearm particles (will apply to muskets and etc.)

Payment is discussed upon and we’re able to do an overall payment of per asset.

Game Progress

✧ Titan Assets
Created by R_oven

✧ Gear Progress
Created by Syharaa


✧ Gear Model
Created by waxenayo

✧ Cannon Model
Created by waxenayo


Discord: Mantas#6699
Twitter: MantasWasTaken


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