[250 USD + Revenue] Looking for an experienced scripter for The Dreaded Seas!

Previously, my advertisements regarding recruitment of a lead scripter for my game, The Dreaded Seas, only offered payment as revenue percentages. After seeing that this often leads to inefficient recruitment, I have decided to change my offer:

The Dreaded Seas is looking for an experienced scripter willing to serve as a full time lead scripter for our project. Because most of the scripting assets we have already completed are simpler aspects of the game’s mechanics, we are looking for someone skilled that can efficiently piece together more complicated systems. Specifically, we need someone who is preferably skilled in some of the following:

  • Cross - Place Datastores
  • Game Economy Systems
  • Ship Physics
  • NPC Manipulation
  • Advanced UI Manipulation Skills
  • Combat Systems


The Dreaded Seas is a unique pirate - themed RPG, in which players explore and develop themselves on a quest to fame and fortune. In regards to the game’s mechanics, it can briefly be summed up as a lore-based adventure that goes alongside a variety of multiplayer aspects. (If you are interested in hearing a more detailed explanation, I would be happy to provide one in a private discussion, as the lengthy description of mechanics is unnecessary in this recruitment post). I am looking for a partner who is more genuinely interested in creating a quality game that will stand out among the mundane, repetitive genres that clog the front pages these days- as opposed to someone simply interested in the money.

The team currently consists of myself as the Head of Development, Builder and Animator, one scripter (who did most of the simpler tasks), a composer, several GFX artists, and a community of supporters.

The game is complete in terms of building and story design, and I hope that as a member you will recognize that the amount of time I have put in to development highlights the motivation I have to create something truly amazing.


We expect that as the lead scripter you are capable of working with others, building off of or reorganizing pre-existing work, and have talents in some of the categories listed at the beginning of this advertisement.

We expect that you will be around to work as frequently as possible- preferably making some progress for at least 3-4 days a week.

We expect that as the lead scripter you will be primarily looked upon to make any necessary updates and bug fixes that come after the game is released and improved.

We expect that you are a fluent English speaker (although English does not have to be your first language).

You must be 13 or older to apply.


As the header of this advertisement suggests, you will be paid 250 USD (Or the same amount in robux), after the game’s completion. I am also willing to pay parts of that amount per task if preferred.


I strongly prefer that all inquires are directed to my discord, which will likely result in the quickest response:


Thank you for considering, I strongly encourage anyone with questions to comment below. :slight_smile:


Why is the age floor 14 instead of 13?

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He’s probably 14 and wants to work with people as old as him, or older, or he wants that level of education of a 14 yr old.

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Because generally anyone under the age of 14 is not mature enough, or experienced enough to work with. Of course, if you happen to be a mature, talented 13 year old, feel free to prove me wrong.

What? That doesn’t make much sense at all. You don’t magically become mature or more experienced when you turn 14. I’ve been scripting longer then some much older people I know, and I’ve also worked with older people that are less mature then I am.


I’ve met people who are both mature and talented at 13, of course this is not mutually exclusive as some people at the age of (even) 15 are incredibly childish, immature and lack basic skills in a developing environment.

The only time age matters in recruitment is if you get an influx of applications from people in an age group that do not meet criterias, or when applicable law is in effect.

I’d also like to note that you are paying (a minimum of) $250 for a lead programmer.
The minimum wage for someone under 18 in the UK is £4.35 an hour. Assuming your programmer is only working for 100 hours (which is a massive understatement), you would be paying nearly half the minimum wage.

The lowest devex rate is ~$350, yours is nearly 100 dollars lower.

There is no evidence your game will be successful, making revenue very risky.

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As I said before, I agree. That isn’t always the case. Clearly I somehow struck a nerve somehow with that requirement. If you don’t like it, simply don’t apply. I didn’t expect such retaliation from that, so I’ll be willing to lower it to 13.

Can you address my point about the rate of pay?

What point is there to address? All you did was express your opinion. Had you asked a question, I would be happy to answer. Although, in stating that ‘There is no evidence your game will be successful’, you are making assumptions with no given evidence to support that claim. One could say that about literally any game.

How many hours do you expect your programmer will work as part of your games development?

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Edit: The post I composed lacks a constructive purpose since the prime point has been fore-discussed. I believe this thread has slight insight, so I will hide this text in drop-down.



It is your decision but I believe the 14+ is illogical. Firstly, it seems there will not be legally-binding contracts in this opportunity, because 14-year olds are children. Parent consent is required for this, if there are contracts at all.

Secondly, 13 and 14 are typically the same. Here’s a chart I composed to show the difference in legal capabilities for 13 and 14-year olds.

Category 13 14
Discord :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark:
Twitter :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark:
DevForum :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark:

There seems to be no apparent change between 13 and 14 in terms of what you would be looking for. Maturity would not noticeably increase in a few months - especially when the desired relationship is formal.

Your call, I’m just delicately influencing your decision on this! :smile:


It’s hard to say. As I am not a scripter myself, I can only give general estimates based on how many tasks I have remaining. Of course, the amount of time someone works on it is based on their talent level as well. There is still fairly a lot to be done. With a likely inaccurate estimate, I believe it would take somewhere between 60 - 90 hours at least (spread over a longer period obviously).

Also, I encourage you to continue this conversation through discord with me personally if you have further questions. I believe it is in some way ‘against the rules’ to have rapid conversation under neath a post.

Thank you for your input. As I said, I did not imagine that creating an age minimum of 14 would create such widespread retaliation. So I will be lowering it to 13.

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@DreadNautical As stated there is little proof the game will be highly successful, I suggest doing payments in stages to give your scripter some motivation over their 100 hours, maybe pay 10, 15 or 20 percent once they reach certain points; Creating the economy, UIs and physics etc. (Most likely 20% after each waypoint since there’s 5).

I understand you stated something like this prior but it should be the standard.

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How can any developer ‘prove’ that their game will be successful? Game development in itself is a risk. I don’t understand why people make comments like this. However if the payment increments you mentioned is something that you’d want, we can discuss that if you are interested in the offer.


Well as weird as it sounds you could do things like market research or surveys to understand the sorts of and how many people would play your game. From there you could launch an alpha version for people to understand this unique concept.

I think there’s a game similar to yours in which you can buy boats and sail around etc but I can never remember the name. A key factor to success is competition.

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How do you launch an alpha version without a scripter?


That is true. But you are making the assumption that it won’t be successful without even inquiring to the specifics of what the game entails. As my advertisement explains, that is only a vague description of the game’s mechanics. If that is something you are interested in hearing, you can message me on here or through discord for further details. You are also assuming that we don’t have plans to release the game in stages, which is also false.


Ah apologies I didn’t make it much clearer, the alpha would be more basic maybe with functions not working but are displayed to give visitors an idea of what they can expect.

Your advert implies this is one big project in which you’re paying $250 to get a game ready for full release, the alpha as I’ve said would be a much smaller project. It would save you blowing $250 for an unproven concept.