[250K+] [CLOSED] Looking for Map Builder

Basic Job Description
We’re looking for a realistic builder who pays attention to fine detail. We want them to help us put together a medieval map in the style of the show Attack on Titan. The map will contain numerous villages/cities scattered across. This might sound daunting, but we’re not looking for someone to craft a hundred unique houses. We want someone who can create (but isn’t limited to) 5-10 house/building variations, shop stands, bridges, wells, and put them together to create an immersive environment.

Reference photos:
Building Art Style:

Example Village:

Example City:


We are paying 250000+ (negotiable) Robux for the creation of the map.

Contact Us

For questions or more details, direct message me on the DevForums. To apply, send your portfolio through DM. Don’t be scared, we look at all portfolios and we don’t judge!


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