[$25/hour] (CLOSED) Hiring a GUI Designer for a genre-leading game! (ER:LC)

About the Game

Our game Emergency Response: Liberty County is one of the most immersive emergency services roleplay game on Roblox. In ER:LC, you can roleplay as a police officer to save the city from crime or take a more relaxed role at the DOT where you can fix traffic lights or tow disabled vehicles. We have an awesome, engaged player base and community of emergency services enthusiast behind the game. Check out our extended game trailer to learn more about the game:

We’re looking to take our game to the next level for Roblox roleplaying, with performance-oriented realism and detail.

The game has had tremendous organic growth since launch in early 2019. We’ve reached the top of many Roblox game sorts, such as Players Love, Most Engaging, Top Rated, and Top Earning. During the Fall of 2020, we were a part of the Roblox Accelerator program as an Incubator game.

The Team

The development team behind ER:LC is called High Voltage Studio. This is our first and only title so far.

@mrfergie - Developer & Overall Lead
@Shawnyg - Developer (scripting)
@LostInfinity - Community Manager
@Infectalite - Part-time Developer
@PRADA_23 - Modeler

Job Responsibilities

  • Create GUIs for new features.
  • Create GUIs to fit the style of existing game GUIs.
  • Design and create innovative new GUI styles for the game.
  • Overhaul, improve, or redesign some existing game GUIs.
  • Create 2D graphics and icons for GUIs.
  • Create GUIs specifically for different platforms (PC and tablet).
  • Design beautiful and unique GUI animations.


General requirements:

  • Must be of mature age (requires professionalism and responsibility)
  • At least one year experience developing on Roblox
  • Manage your work schedule well, sometimes at a short notice
  • Keeping a record of hours worked if requested
  • Communicate with other developers effectively
  • Impressive portfolio and resume

Job-specific Requirements:

  • Creative interest in creating innovative designs
  • A clear understanding of User Experience (UX) design
  • Able to put together GUIs in Roblox Studio as requested
  • Understanding of how GUIs are scripted in Roblox
  • Understanding of client-side performance and resources related to GUIs

Nice to Have

  • Own a tablet for testing
  • Education related to UI design
  • Worked on a successful game doing GUI work
  • Worked in a successful or professional Roblox studio
  • Understanding of our game and a passion for playing it
  • Experience creating modern, flat GUIs


Payment will be given in Robux equivalent to $25/hour (at DevEx rate of $1 = 285.7 Robux). You can transfer Robux into real money via the DevEx program.

If you would like to take this job, but are completely unwilling to accept Robux as payment, please apply anyway. Simply make a note on your application that you will only accept cash payments. Doing so will have legal implications, such as requiring tax forms, being of legal age, and us reporting your income to the IRS. We strongly favor Robux payments over cash for simplicity, and will consider this when hiring.

This is being posted as a part-time job. It is your job to get the required work done before the set deadline. You should expect to work at least 20 hours a week, but busy weeks may be closer to 40 hours of work. You are allowed and encouraged to work over 40 hours per week if the work demand calls for it. This job is remote.

Application & Contact

Apply here: https://forms.gle/CMuVRQTZ5z2pXpE9A

If you need to contact me, please send me a message on the DevForum or email me at hiring@policeroleplay.community

Closed on 2/10/21


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