[25K] Ming Media AB is hiring professional Texture Artist!

About this job

Job type: Commission

Experience level: medium

Role: 2D graphics Artist (texture)

Job description

Who we are
Ming Media is a game studio that has over five years on the platform, with over half a billion visits under its name. You may know us from numerous games such as Pick A Side, Horse Valley 2, Egg Farm Simulator, Action!, and many more. And we have no plans to stop, we are still growing with even more ambitious projects to come.

Your task

The job entails to texture an existing wing model with surface appearance/pbr texture to enable some parts to be transparent! Currently you can see parts of the mesh which you’re not supposed to:

Another issue of the texture is that it is simply too realistic for our use, which is why you need to make something in the style of these references:

Please let me know if you’re interested at:
DevForum: Ukendio
Discord: Marcus!#9168 – Please DM me on DevForum your username
Twitter: Ukendio

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