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Closed to large commissions. I may accept small and medium ones depending on the details.

I won’t be accepting any new jobs for now. I’m now signed on as a side dev, map dev, and full time dev on three different projects, which I feel is the limit of which I can work on.

About Me

Hi there, 2cool2beawesome here! I’m a newcomer to the development community, and as a way to further my skills and work alongside a wide variety of people, I’d like to offer my services as a modeler and builder for free or for very little! I am by no means an expert, but I’m passionate about developing and love doing it and would love to help assist anyone with their own projects.


Here are some screenshots of my work

In regards to developing, I primarily do buildings, street decorations, and assorted decorative pieces. I can do hand guns fairly well.


I am available consistently from 9-11 PM PST on weekdays and from 8 PM-1 AM PST weekends. Often weekends are unpredictable and I may be available more or less than expected. On occasion I am unavailable due to school and other obligations. Note I devote about 3 days a week to my main project I’m making for my game studio.


I don’t mind working for free. If you do want, I can except Robux payments. I work on a project basis, meaning I only except payment once a project is complete or I’m no longer needed.

Regarding projects where I’m dropped mid-development after finishing significant work, I expect payment roughly equal to the percent completed unless given good reason as to why you can’t.

Updated pricing here (Robux):
Per asset-
Furniture Assets - 450-1000
Buildings - 600-2000
Tools - 100-1400

Per project-
Small - 1500-3000
Medium - 3000-5000
Large - 5000+


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum, my studio email (RedlineInteractivePublic@gmail.com), or my Discord: Xmas CEO Chris (RL Interactive)#0284

Thanks for reading!


This is some awesome work, however, some people would prefer to pay people, just to make sure everything is serious, and every party is investing something for payment. For security, I think you should accept payment :man_shrugging: .


Fixed. Thanks for the advice! I’m brand new here if you can’t tell :man_shrugging:


Bump! I work with this guy on a game almost everyday, he will get the job done ASAP!