2D Art for the Brazilian Army

2D Art for the Brazilian Army, halloween special!


Leave feedback.


The person’s mouth is a little crooked and the size of the head is decreased a little


The objective was to be leaning even!

but I feel that the heads look a little square, a few curves wouldn’t be bad

Okay, thanks for the criticism

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I think it’s great! I don’t think the characters need any work, they look awesome! Btw, nice work with the camo shirt :ok_hand:

The only criticism I had was the background. Is that a wall? Why is there are road in the wall? If the bottom part of green is actually bushes then give it a bushy feel ( more tight curves and leaf outlines). Also, the sky looks like its snowing and gives it more of a Christmas feel, you know?

Otherwise, nice work! I can see you put some good effort into this art :hearts:


Thanks for the feedback, the idea would be to make a hill, with layers of grass and earth.

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Do you make YouTube banners of those or able to make my roblox character?

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Wow looks great! Can’t see anything wrong with it