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2D ARTIST Wolsait

Hello, I am @Wolsait , after creating my theme about my first art it got a good acceptance, so i decided to sell 2d art, but since I’m new, at the moment I’m only selling avatar icons

I have a period of 1-5 days to complete my designs, although it depends on the quality that is required
My preferred payment is robux, but I can also pay with paypal
You can contact me in discord: WolsaitCode#8304 or in dev forum
Payment can be through founded groups, or also buying clothes since I have a premium but with tax (At this time I can only receive paypal and group funds)

Thanks for reading! Remember to read the whole post


Great work , and great quality , can’t wait to see new work

New Updated
2D Art now it is for sale

Whoaaa, that’s awesome!! :fire:
I might consider buying in the future.

I wait for your purchase :smile:

Hi! I’d like to purchase a 2D drawn profile picture for my sister, @charatkinsonx. I will be paying via t - shirt and I’ve sent you a Discord friend request.

Note: I ordered this for my sister, I am not posting on behalf of her!
In under 24 hours, @Wolsait made an amazing profile picture for my sister, @charatkinsonx.
Here is the art, I am showing the watermarked one to prevent people from stealing this amazing artwork.


Thanks for buy :smile:

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Looks Awesome! And a great price too! :smiley:


The commissions are still open!

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Thanks to those who bought his drawing, the commissions are still open.

Awesome work! I recommend adding some more works, and on separate files so they are easier to see.

You still got commissions open bud? Tried adding you on Discord, invalid user.

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