2D vs 2.5D (PVP Ranged Melee Combat Game)

I made this prototype of a game, and before continuing the development, I want to know what direction to take it.




Tell me which one you think looks the best, and which one would you rather play.

We are going to host an open testing of the game during this weekend. Like this post if you want to be notified about the testing.


I’d go about half way inbetween to be honest. Seems like a good balance, cos 2d is more eaisly readable and 2.5d is more visually exciting… so 2.25d is my suggestion.
I think the camera angle i chose for my game is about right… Sonic Speedway - Roblox

  • You could always make a slider, so people can pick?
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Thanks for the feedback.

I’d rather not give them too much core mechanics volatility in a highly competitive PVP game.

2.5D. Also you should change the crosshair of the tools to make it look better.