2sgo | Programmer [CLOSED]

About Me

Hello there!

I’m 2sgo, currently a student studying in Canada, working towards my degree in computer science. I’ve been on this platform since 2012 and have developed a passion for programming and math. I love to innovate, discover, and create things from my ideas.


Experience in Programming Languages(most familiar to least):

  • Lua
  • JavaScript
  • C++
  • C#
  • Java
  • Python


  • DataStore
  • Procedural generation
  • Complex AI
  • Inventory
  • Building System
  • Networking
  • Physics Based Systems
  • Mathematical Models
  • And more

I also have experience in Unity, Discord bots, 3D animation, making Websites, and UI design.


Before I begin any project, I plan my time and code to keep organized and research any unknown topics. Once I have prepared my work, I shall let you know a schedule as to when you can expect specific tasks to be completed. In terms of code structure, I like to keep my code modular and use the Knit Framework. If I am unable to complete my task in the given time, I shall let you know ahead of time.


Short clips

Entity chunk system(Scripting)

Terrain generation(Scripting)

Custom camera controller(Scripting)

Machine physics block system(Scripting)

Ocean wave using mesh deformation(Scripting)

Tower defense system(Scripting)

Block placement system(Scripting)

Fantasy attack(VFX | Scripting)


Inventory(UI | Scripting)


Shop gui(UI | Scripting)

Rpg inventory(Ui | Scripting)


Inventory system(Ui | Scripting)

Global Leaderboard(Ui | Scripting)


I am available 20-30 hours per week. Note: My time zone is ET.

I accept Robux or USD through Paypal; prices are dependent on the project and your budget.
My prices are negotiable and will be considered before starting a new project.

For short term projects, I’d prefer to be paid through gamepass, since I rather not wait 2 weeks for group payout.

For long term projects, I may ask for a down payment, as to insure my work will not be wasted.

Please message me here on the DevForums and we can talk more. I shall provide further contact through Discord once an agreement has been reached.
If you are unsure of anything, feel free to ask!


Pretty good work if I do say so myself!

I’m interested,sent you a friend request on discord! My tag:Er1k#7026

Hey can you dm discord? I have a job for you paying in USD

im interested send me a friend request on discord Connor#8002

Hey, nice work! I’m interested in hiring you, Send me a friend request on discord: Raze#1234

Hello, I am interested! Send me a friend request on Discord: Mercy#4251

Hello! I just messaged you on devforum, hope to work with you soon!