[3-5K R$] Hiring a scripter

About The Game

The game is called “Micro Managing”. It is inspired by a Steam game by the name of “Inch by Inch”. In the game, the player is a first person scientist alone in his lab room. One day, he notices he is starting to shrink, and must figure out the antidote before he gets too small. The player can drag around things like chairs or boxes to help get on top of counters, cabinets, and shelves. I am looking for a scripter that can help me with most of the game mechanics that I cannot do. You can view the progress here:

About The Job

I need someone to help with the parts that I cannot do. I need someone who can add a shrinking effect that will shrink the player and reduce jumping, walk speeds over a certain amount of time. I also need to add the ability to put two items together to create new items, and more which I will introduce to you if hired.


I can afford roughly 3-5K robux, and I will pay extra for the tax.

Contact Us

Please contact me on Discord, gwghering#6869.

Thanks for reading! :smile:


I have decided I may not hire someone for the job, I might just use it as an opportunity to enhance my skills. Please still apply, just note I may not hire someone for a couple days or so.


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