[3 Spots Available] The Musician is hiring 3D artists!

What we are creating

If you have the proper skills and you decide to apply, you will be working with our team to help create our new game: The Musician .
The Musician is a Roblox roleplay game in which players will take on the role of a musician. Every player will start from ground zero and work their way up to fame. The game will include housing, vehicles, economy and similar features to bring the life to the game. We’ll be featuring numerous music gear companies in the game as well and various different instruments, studio gear etc. which will allow players to choose what kind of a musician they want to be.

Who we need

Our team is currently in need of developers with experience in the 3D modeling field. We have 3 positions that need to be filled:

1. A developer with skilled with creating tools, your job will be to create 3D models of various musical gear [Low Poly]

2. A developer with skills in creating vehicle [Low Poly]

3. A developer with expertise in morph making (3D clothing) [Low Poly]

What we expect from you

As a member of our team, you will have a few responsibilities that we will expect you to adhere to. While working on your part of the game, we expect you to finish by a set deadline, and we will not tolerate slacking on your part. In addition to this, we expect that you communicate with the rest of our team to ensure everyone is always on the same page. Finally, we expect that your work fits with the game in theme and quality, do not use free models, we will know.


We are currently exclusively paying in robux, however paypal and cryptocurrency will be integrated into payment in the near future.
Your salary can be discussed if you contact us, we offer payment per task and per a pre-decided period of time.

Contact Us

If you are interested in applying, contact our dev team lead on discord for further discussions.
Discord: A Toaster#4685


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