30 Minute Game Challenge result

I challenged myself to make a fully functioning game in 30 minutes. I had to come up with the idea, the scripts, and the photos all by myself in 30 minutes.

I wanted to share my end result: a pixel art maker where you can draw pixel art on a 40 x 40 grid using 10 different colors.

If you want, you can take a visit. I challenge everyone else to do the 30 Minute Game Challenge and see what you can create!



That’s awesome! Can’t imagine the amount of click detectors though, haha. I might try a 30 minute challenge too. well done!

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In every single individual pixel are you just using a click detector within it?

Why not instead just use Mouse.Target and Mouse.MouseButton1Down instead?

I didn’t think of that in my time frame. However, if I were to edit it afterwards (which would defeat the purpose of the 30 minute challenge), that would be a change I would make.

Yeah I would’ve just done that instead since it would be vastly more efficient

is this also server sided or client sided?

This is server sided, which is why I’m using one player servers.