[$30+ USD/hour] Roblox Education Partner looking for animator


Edit: Due to changing priorities we are increasing our budget to $30+ USD an hour. If you are interested please get in touch as soon as possible as we expect this position to be filled quickly.

I’m currently working with one of Roblox’s Education Partners on a new set of courses focusing on teaching Roblox Studio. We’re looking for an animation contractor, and would like to share the advert below.

Roblox Animator

Part-time, freelance at Roblox Education Partner company


Over 1 million young people have learned to code with Code Kingdoms so far. We’re a Roblox Education Partner looking for an exemplary Animator who can bring learning and gameplay narratives to life on screen.

With Code Kingdoms, young people learn to make their own Roblox games by watching video courses and coding and designing using Roblox Studio. The Roblox Animator will work remotely with our Content Production Studio, based in central London, to create animations which extend the narrative and learning elements of our courses. Upon release in 2019, your animations will feature in courses that teach millions of young people the basics of making their own Roblox games.

Role responsibilities

  • Story-telling - You will produce character animations for games, instructional videos and cinematic sequences. Your animations will entertain the viewer as illustrations of the in-game story and, also, reinforce important learning concepts required for Roblox game development.
  • Animation - You will turn our list of required assets (with brief descriptions), and all necessary character models, into animations that look fluid, carry weight and don’t appear ‘artificial’.


  • Roblox Experience - you are very familiar with Roblox animations and their limitations. You have a strong portfolio of R15 character work. You can independently produce and export Keyframe Sequences.
  • Collaborative Approach - Your strong attention to detail complements your ability to iterate upon animations. You have a flexible and open-minded approach to receiving and incorporating feedback into your work.
  • Remote Working - you are adept at coping with the challenges of working remotely and, potentially, across time zones. Within these constraints, you are comfortable meeting deadlines, communicating progress regularly and soliciting feedback.

Bonus points (not necessary, but would be handy)

  • Experience with any of the following:
    • Importing animations from external programs such as Blender;
    • Producing particle / beam based effects and incorporating them into animations;
    • Manipulating cameras to create cutscenes and cinematic shots
  • Able to utilize concepts, such as inverse kinematics, to produce high quality assets.
  • Intermediate understanding of scripting in Roblox.
  • Strong knowledge of the Roblox animation API, including concepts such as priority, weight and the structure of Keyframe Sequences.


  1. We will pay per project, but an indicative rate would $30+ USD per hour (dependent on experience).
  2. We have a large volume of animation work available and can commit to providing a minimum of 30 hours work and, for the right candidate, the opportunity for the project to be open-ended.

Legal requirements

  • You must be 18 years or older to apply. We will require proof of identity.
  • You will be required to sign a contract clarifying you are employed on a freelance, part-time basis.


  • Develop a portfolio of work for a commercial production studio with a targeted audience of millions of Roblox users.
  • Where relevant, we can provide references from one of our Producers in support of college and/or job applications.
  • The chance to build animation assets for a key Roblox Education Partner.

Equal opportunities

We are committed to building a team that represents a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills. Code Kingdoms is a progressive and open-minded meritocracy. If you’re smart, driven and good at what you do, please submit an application.

How to apply

Please email careers@codekingdoms.com detailing your Roblox experience to date and an explanation why you are applying for the role. We would also like to see examples of previous animation work you have done.


This is an interesting offer! Consider me interested in it.


Large vouch for Code Kingdoms. I’m one of the Game Producers here - it’s a wonderfully talented team, and a pleasure to work on the product with them. Good luck with any applications!


OnniCh_n’s one of the best animators here on Roblox. He’s a very well-qualified animator, and I’m sure that I’m not the only one putting a 100% vouch on him.

Good luck to all animators as well! This is a very enticing offer!


aww shucks. you’re making me blush. :blush:


Due to changing priorities we are increasing our budget to $30+ USD an hour. If you are interested please get in touch as soon as possible as we expect this position to be filled quickly.