($30 usd) one time job

Hello I need a scripter to make a mobile support for my basketball game.

Here are the following details for what I need done:

  • Use my dribble animations, and dribble script (script that makes a specfic dribble animation whenever a particular bind is selected for pc) and make it compatible on mobile, via a UI.
  • Players are able to dribble when tapping a particular button, and are able to play different moves on different buttons.
  • Be able to read previous code to help with this job.
  • Players are able to move the UI around, and make buttons smaller or bigger.
  • Shiftlock for mobile
  • have a script that can detect if a player is trying to dribble, or tap the screen to shoot.
  • Need the script to be clean, and easily customizable

Payment is 30 USD, this is negotiable.

Must send a portfolio.

Discord: basketball#6503


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